Before applying, please ensure that you meet the required qualifications to become a Live-In Caregiver in Canada.

You must meet certain Citizenship and Immigration Canada criteria before being admitted to Canada. These criteria reflect the education, language and skill level necessary for the foreign worker’s successful integration into the Canadian labour market:

You must have successfully completed the equivalent of Canadian High School education. You must have six months of full-time training or 12 months of experience in a field or occupation related to the job that is being offered. For example, your experience must be in early childhood education, geriatric care, pediatric nursing or first aid.

You must be able to speak, read and understand either English or French. You also must be able to function independently in a home setting.
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How you can qualify for a caregiver job and how we can help you

If you are a caregiver(nanny), nurse, midwife or a teacher, you are qualified to independently take care of children, elderly, challenged or disabled people and you satisfy the eligibility criteria, you will most likely have all the criteria needed to start the application process.

The first step is to contact us by phone, e-mail or fax. We will provide you with information on our partner agencies and on the specific requirements for your country. If we don’t have a partner agency in your country, we will work with you directly.

If you decide that the job offer is for you, then schedule an appointment for an interview with one of our representatives. Once we have confirmed that you are qualified for the job offer, you will be able to correspond with families that we find for you until a perfect match is found. After that, we will guide you through the entire process until your arrival in Canada.

You will be asked about your diplomas, school certificates or transcripts of record(courses) you have taken. Please come prepared with all necessary documentation. Be honest about your education, training and experience because dishonesty could disqualify you from the job offer. Your marital status and the number of children you have will not affect the outcome of your application; you must be honest in providing this information. Most importantly – contact us and we will help you with any hurdles you may face.