What a caregiver can do for you                                                                                            Selecting a caregiver is a process that requires the utmost care to undertake in hiring an individual(regardless if they are local or from a foreign country) to not only live in your home, but also to care for your children in your absence.                                                      This can be a daunting process and we are here to guide you through it.

Perhaps, you are not entirely sure if a caregiver is the ideal solution for your family, so we would like to point out a few of the benefits that you and your children would gain, should you decide to employ a live-in-caregiver.

• You will be able to personally select a caregiver who will be compatible with your family – an option not available in daycares
• Financially, it is wise to hire a caregiver and even more so if you have more than one child
• You will have additional help with household chores
• We specialize in the provision of care for specific individuals and can match individuals with medical training with families who require these services
• Your children will receive individualized attention, which is a crucial aspect as children may not necessarily receive all the attention they require in a daycare setting
• Lower the risk that your child will become ill as they will be able to limited their exposure to children who are ill by avoiding daycares.

A Caregiver or a Nanny or a Home Support Worker can:                                                              • Help to reduce the stress in your daily life, especially in the morning when you would otherwise need to drive your children to daycare on time(and also in the evening when they need to be picked up)
• Take care of your children when they become ill so you won’t be forced to take the day off from work to tend to their needs and to nurse them back to health
• Help accommodate an unexpected change in work hours or a shortage of daycare availability
• Provide the necessary attention for special needs children or the elderly
• Ensure that they will be safe at home with someone they care about and are familiar with
• Raise your children according to your values and ideals

Quality over Quantity                                                                                                                     Our caregivers are carefully selected for specific qualities and come from all over the world. We work with our partner agencies worldwide who also screen applicants. It is compulsory for caregivers to fulfill specific requirements before she can be placed in your home. Some of those are listed below, but are not exclusive of more specific qualities depending on your needs. Many of our caregivers are trained medical personnel in addition to being certified caregivers. Before they arrive in Canada they must have:

• A negative TB test
• A full medical examination prior to arrival in Canada
• Security clearance (Police Clearance from the country of origin)
• At least two references (from their previous employment)
• A valid First Aid & CPR Certificate
• Applicable training for a care-giving facility as outlined by Canadian Government requirements

We only choose individuals with outstanding qualities and training. Once they arrive in Canada, they are taught the Canadian way of life. We do this in order to avoid culture shock and to provide an easy transition between cultures. Once your caregiver arrives at your home, you can be assured that she is familiar with your way of life. Thus, many culturally induced misunderstandings will be avoided before they can start.

We also do detailed background checks on our caregivers, ensuring that only caregivers who are fully certified, well-trained and have solid experience pass. Those with a good command of the English language are then placed into homes of those in need of help.

Our caregivers are able to work independently and are known for their compassion with all who may require care giving, such as children, the handicapped or the elderly.

We welcome inquiries about how we can be of service to you and your family. Feel free to browse through our available caregivers and approach us with any of your questions.    Our many years of experience in this business has given us the experience to provide an excellent match for your family with a caregiver who has similar values and ideas about childcare.

How we can help                                                                                                                             The first step in determining if a live-in caregiver is suitable for you and your family is to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of employing a caregiver. In addition, there are certain criteria which Human Resources & Skills Development Canada requires that you must fulfill before you are able to employ a caregiver locally or from overseas.                     If you wish to look into the requirements in more detail, feel free to read through the Foreign Workers Hiring Procedures by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

We can arrange for interviews with prospective caregivers, so you may speak freely in person or by other means you choose, like Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp to ensure that you will connect with the caregiver of your choice.

After you have chosen a caregiver for your family, we take care of all the details and guide your caregiver through the process on her end to ensure all goes as planned and in a timely manner.

Remember, we are committed to you and we ensure that every client receives personalized in-home care tailored specifically to maintain or increase the family’s quality of life. Give us a call and let us know what are your requirements and we will be happy to guide you through the process to find an individual suitable to your family’s needs.          We are available to meet with you and your family for an assessment at your convenience.